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Cat Caves

Felted Wool Yardage

Ironing Mats

Just Pins

Luxurious Dryer Balls

Mini Pincushions

Non Stick Pressing Sheets

Purse and Bag Kits

Seam Pressing Bar & Clapper


Wool Coasters and Trivets

Wooly Wonder Accessories

Wooly Wonder Board Covers

Wooly Wonder Pincushions

Quilters Select Rulers, Mats and Rotary Cutters

Sticky Reusable Lint Rollers

Stainless Steel Scissors, Tweezers and More

Thread Storage Boxes


  • 4011 SE International Way, Suite 601, Milwaukie, OR 97222
  • Ph: (503) 658-1600
  • PST Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5, Closed Sun